How Do Monkeys Care For Their Young:
 *  Breastfeeding them
 *  Cleaning and grooming them
 *  Protecting them *  Taking them everywhere with them
 *  Holding and playing with them
 *  “Talking” to them

Monkeys stretch their bodies to form a "bridge"
for their young to move from one tree to another  tree.


Tigers care and development for their young:

   a)  The tigress is solely responsible for the protection and care of her 
         young for the first few months of the cubs' lives. She leaves her 
         young for only short periods of  time to drink and hunt.

            b)  Cubs learn to hunt by killing the prey caught by their mother and by 
               playing with one another.

         c)  Tigresses are overly cautious and secretive when caring for young 
               cubs. It will immediately move them if the area becomes disturbed or

         d)  The tigress may also eat the cubs' feces in order to protect them from 
                potential predators detecting their scents.
          e)  Young tigers become independent from their mothers around 
                seventeen to twenty-four months of age. Males travel further from
                their mother's home range than females. Young male tigers will 
                continue to grow and develop muscle until they are strong 
                enough to take a  permanent territory of their own.


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