Birds lay eggs while mammals give birth to their young. Birds and mammals will take care and protect their young until they become independent.

Birds have a natural instinct to take care of their young, the mother usually preens them and never leaves them, unless searching for food where the father usually takes over until she returns. She feeds them by forcing up food that has been stored in a small area in her stomach and it pours down their throat.

Birds have to make sure that their eggs do not become too hot. Some of them bury their eggs in the sand. The eggs are uncovered and buried again to keep them at a suitable temperature.


        Penguin parents usually work together to take care of their little baby penguins until the babies are grown. The male penguin is actually the one responsible for incubating the baby penguin egg until it hatches. 
        During their nesting period, baby penguins stay in the nest where they are feed by their parents. The parent catches the fish, krill or squid, digests it or holds it in for a while. Then when it is ready, it regurgitates the food into its beak and uses its beak as a kind of spoon to place the food into the baby penguin's mouth.

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